sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2011


His name is Harry Edward Styles. He was born in Chesire, England on February the 1st in 1994, so he's seventeen, like me!
He's the youngest member of One Direction, but he sings as well as the other guys.
When he went to the X Factor audition he had just finished his GCSEs at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. At first he wanted to study Law, sociology and Business, but he wanted to try if he could make it as a singer, and definetelly he can.
At the audition he sang Stevie wonder's "Isn't She Lovely". The judges were Nicole Scherzinger, who said he had an amazing voice, Louis. who said that he he was too young and Simon Cowell, who disagreed with Louis and said that he could be very good with a bit of vocal coaching. he obtained two "yes" and one "no", so he got through to Bootcamp.
He has got brown curly hair, and a lot of girls love him because of his curls. It's a little bit strange.
His eyes are blue-green and I love them. He always smiles, I think he's got a perfect smile!

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